How to Keep Raccoons Out of Your Yard


Are raccoons wreaking havoc in your yard? Are they digging up your garden, knocking over trash cans, and causing a mess? Raccoons are notorious for their ability to cause damage and create chaos in yards and gardens. They are attracted to food sources and can be quite persistent in their quest for a meal. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to keep raccoons out of your yard and maintain a peaceful and clean outdoor space.

Secure Your Trash Cans and Compost Bins

Securing your trash cans and compost bins is essential for effectively deterring raccoons from infiltrating your yard. Raccoons are notorious scavengers and can cause significant mess and damage if they gain access to these containers. To prevent their intrusion, ensure that all trash cans have tightly fitting lids that are locked or latched securely. Consider using bungee cords or specialized raccoon-proof lids to add an extra layer of protection. Likewise, for compost bins, opt for designs with secure locking mechanisms. Avoid placing food scraps or enticing odors in easily accessible bins, as these can attract raccoons.

Seal Off Entry Points and Protect Your Property

Safeguarding your yard from raccoon intrusion involves sealing off potential entry points and fortifying your property. Raccoons are agile climbers and can exploit vulnerabilities to gain access. By taking preventive measures, you can create an environment that discourages their presence and protects your space.

Here are some effective strategies to protect your home:

  • Inspect Your Property: Regularly survey your yard for any openings or gaps that raccoons could use to enter, such as broken vents, loose siding, or unsecured crawl spaces.
  • Install Fencing: Install a sturdy fence around your yard, preferably with an overhang at the top to prevent raccoons from scaling over.
  • Cover Chimneys and Vents: Place mesh screens or chimney caps on openings to prevent raccoons from using these as entry points.
  • Seal Garages and Sheds: Ensure that doors and windows are properly sealed, and that there are no gaps in the structures that raccoons could exploit.
  • Trim Tree Branches: Trim back branches that are close to your house to prevent raccoons from using them as bridges.
  • Block Access to Decks and Porches: Use lattice or wire mesh to enclose the areas beneath decks and porches, preventing raccoons from nesting there.

By implementing these measures, you can effectively seal off potential entry points and create a raccoon-resistant environment, reducing the likelihood of them infiltrating your yard.

Remove Potential Food Sources From Your Yard

To effectively deter raccoons from invading your yard, it's crucial to eliminate potential food sources that might attract them. Raccoons are opportunistic feeders and can be drawn by easily accessible sustenance. Ensure that outdoor pet food bowls are not left out overnight and store pet food in airtight containers. Fallen fruits and nuts should be promptly cleared, as they can serve as tempting treats. Bird feeders should be positioned to prevent spillage and seed accumulation on the ground. Furthermore, secure your compost pile by avoiding the disposal of food scraps that might lure raccoons.

Use repellents and deterrents

Utilizing repellents and deterrents can be a valuable strategy in keeping raccoons out of your yard. These creatures are sensitive to certain scents and sounds, making these methods effective in deterring their presence. By introducing these measures, you can create an environment that raccoons find unappealing, encouraging them to seek refuge elsewhere. Consider incorporating repellents and deterrents such as:

  • Scent Repellents: Use natural repellents like cayenne pepper, garlic, or ammonia-soaked rags placed strategically around your yard to create odors that raccoons find unpleasant.
  • Ultrasonic Devices: Install ultrasonic devices that emit high-frequency sounds, inaudible to humans but bothersome to raccoons and other pests.
  • Motion-Activated Lights and Sprinklers: Set up motion-activated lights and sprinklers to startle raccoons with sudden bursts of light and water.
  • Predator Urine: Utilize predator urine, available in stores, to create the illusion that a larger animal is present, discouraging raccoons from entering your yard.

Get Professional Wildlife Control

At Pest-X Exterminating, we understand the challenges that raccoon infestations can pose to your property. Our dedicated team of experts specializes in professional wildlife control, offering effective solutions to ensure your peace of mind. Raccoons are intelligent and adaptable creatures, which is why our comprehensive approach involves a combination of humane removal techniques and preventative measures. Contact our team today!


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