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Say Goodbye to Pests in Lewisville with Pest-X Exterminating
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35+ Years of Locally-Owned Business

With over 35 years of experience, our team of exterminators are highly trained and can eliminate any pest infestation, guaranteed!

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When you have a pest infestation, it is important to act fast! We offer same-day servicing so you can get back to your pest-free home in no time.

Pest Control in Lewisville

Looking for same-day residential pest control in Lewisville? Our experienced exterminators will conduct a thorough pest inspection to get rid of those pesky intruders once and for all. Protect your family, pets, and home with our recurring general pest control services. Don't let pests take over your home - contact us today for a customized treatment plan tailored to your unique needs.

Say goodbye to common household pests like:

  • Ants
  • Roaches
  • Spiders
  • Silverfish
  • Fleas
  • Moths
  • And much more!
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Termite Exterminator in Lewisville

In Lewisville, NC, the blend of wooden structures and humid climate forms the perfect storm for termite invasions. But with Pest-X Exterminating, safeguarding your home becomes effortless. Our termite control services are not just solutions but a shield against potential financial and structural nightmares.

Our termite services in Lewisville include:

  • Comprehensive Termite Inspections: Quick, thorough assessments by seasoned experts. Spot early signs and prevent costly damage.
  • Customized Termite Treatments: Whether it’s specialized bait systems or liquid treatments, our approach is as unique as your home.
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Prevention: Continuous vigilance to keep termites at bay, tailored to Lewisville’s climate.
  • Peace of Mind with Renewable Warranties: Our commitment to your home’s safety doesn’t expire. Enjoy year-round protection and rapid response at the hint of termite return.

Mosquito Exterminator in Lewisville

Discover the secret to a mosquito- and tick-free backyard in Lewisville, NC, with Pest-X Exterminating. Don’t let the size of these pests fool you; their threat is massive, capable of transmitting diseases like West Nile virus, Malaria, Zika, and Lyme disease. But there's a way to reclaim your outdoor spaces from these unwelcome guests.

Our mosquito control services in Lewisville:

  • Free Inspection: Our experts start with a thorough examination of your property, pinpointing potential breeding grounds and high-risk areas.
  • Targeted Larvicides: We deploy larvicides in strategic locations to disrupt the mosquito lifecycle, preventing future populations from thriving.
  • Innovative Mosquito Traps: Our traps work around the clock to capture and eliminate adult mosquitoes, significantly reducing their numbers in your yard.
  • Seasonal Adaptation: Lewisville’s climate demands specialized attention. With our knowledge of the area, we tailor mosquito and tick control to be most effective when you need it most.

Wildlife Control in Lewisville 

In the heart of North Carolina, Lewisville's captivating landscapes and rich ecosystems are a testament to the area's natural beauty. However, this same beauty attracts wildlife, creating unique challenges for homeowners. Pest-X Exterminating stands as your first line of defense, offering specialized wildlife removal services tailored to the specific needs of Lewisville residents. Our approach combines cutting-edge technology with humane practices to ensure the safety of your home and the welfare of wildlife.

5 Star Review

We love pest x. They are always friendly; every time I call, they make me feel like I am their top priority.

danielle sierra
5 Star Review

From the first phone call to Andrew coming out for a termite inspection this company has been amazing. We found termites at my elderly parents house and Andrew came right out the next day and made a plan to take care of them after a very thorough inspection. Andrew explained everything they need to do to get rid of them and assured my parents they will take care of everything. It is really nice when you feel like someone really cares and not out just to make a buck. THANK YOU for making this daughter feel like her parents will be taken care of and save their house.

Sherry Meachum
5 Star Review

Pest-X Exterminating is a good company. I had a problem and they rearranged there schedule to take care of my situation. I would highly recommend them if you have any exterminating needs!!!! :)

Wylie Vaughn
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